The Capra Resort *** Transfagarasan

Situated at 1585m in altitude, at only 9 km distance from the Balea Glacial Lake, Touristic Complex Capra 3* is easy to locate because of the special architecture and the exceptional location, only 50 m distance from the DN7C – Transfagarasan Road, the most spectacular road in Romania


The Touristic Complex Capra 3* is also known as the Capra Creek Cabin, because it's situated at the base of the Capra Waterfall (also known as Iezer Waterfall). The waterfall's water comes from the Capra Lake (2241m), and the waterfall welcomes it's tourists both with it's 40 meters hight but also with the divine coolness of it's splashes and drops.


The complex offers multiple possibilities for spending free time and for team-buildings activities, the main attraction being the modern “Adventure Park Capra”, a kind of rope-course that offers 16 pieces of suspended bridges.

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